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Welcome 2017! Crop looks fantastic, July 1 or so harvest starts - dried cherries in August.

Our sun-dried cherries are a winter version of our wonderful cherries.  There are no additives.... no sugar, no preservatives and the flavour is amazing.  All the qualities of our fresh cherries are preserved.  We've packaged them in one pound bags for everyday use and bulk 5 pound bags for longer keeping.in the fridge. They are fabulous in any baking but especially good in porridge or as a snack. Our minimum order is five pounds for $60 freight included.  All prices include freight and are tax-free...no other  added costs either!  Preferred payment by cheque or bank transfer to okanaganharvest@gmail.com.

What is an email bank transfer? If you bank online, most places offer email transfers.  Login to your account, choose transfers, register the email address you are sending to and create a security question.  The receiver needs to know the security quesiton and bank online too.  They deposit.  No banking information is exchanged and the transfer is immediate.  Very user friendly and secure.


Our products include:  Dried cherries, Cherry pit products, and Cherry Stem tea. For more information on our products please visit About our products

Email address is okanaganharvest@gmail.com

Farm address: 5525 Sumac Street, Oliver, BC

Home and mailing Address: 953 Willowbrook Road, Oliver, BC V0H 1T5



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Price includes freight ONLY IN BC and southern Alberta. FREIGHT TO THE EAST IS BEYOND BELIEF WITH THE NEW RATES and we no longer ship outside BC and southern Alberta. Except for pits and dried cherries which are sent regular post.


Rainiers are sweet cherries with a thin skin and thick creamy-yellow flesh. Available only in 10 lb. boxes because they are fragile. Freight included in price....average cost is $25 each box.

10 lb boxes for $60.

Dried Cherries Lapin and Rainier

2017 product will be ready to ship in August

Cherry Stem Tea

In France, this infusion is often taken for its detox/diuretic properties.To make a reasonable amount of tea, take a small handful of cherry stems and boil them in a small saucepan of water, about 1 liter, or 2 pints.

Let it all boil for 5 minutes, then remove from the heat and allow to infuse for 10 minutes or so.Drink 3 cups a day, at intervals away from the meal, to promote elimination.   $30 freight included anywhere in Canada for a loose fill box about the size of a boot box.

Cherry Pits bulk

Cherry pits make excellent heating pads, draft dodgers, stuffing for toys. Non-toxic, safe for all uses. Available only in bulk, 18lbs. or so loose in a box about the size of a boot box. $50 includes freight anywhere in BC or Alberta only. Add $25 if you live further east.  Limit of two boxes per customer, I have a limited supply and want to spread them around!

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