Work in the Okanagan

Thu, 02/21/2013

Want to work in the Okanagan this summer? You need to know a few facts.

  • Cherry picking starts in Osoyoos in late June. There is very little work until LATE JUNE. You need to come with money if you come earlier.
  • There is no free camping spot. You will be asked to move if you tent by the river or in the hillls around the towns.  Loose Bay Campground in Oliver charges $5/night/person.
  • Many farmers let you tent on their farms but just while you are working for them.  Facilities vary a lot.
  • Harvesting cherries lasts until September, most cherry farmers belong to the OKCGA  and have lists for workers. Vineyards also employ many workers throughout the late summer and begin harvest in September in the south.
  • Mexican men have replaced the French Canadian student workforce and seriously reduced the need for holidaying farm workers.
  • Cherries are weather dependent.  If it rains, they split and can't be sold. Keep in mind farmers are not responsible for the weather!
  • The work is hard and hot, bring a hat and linament.

thoughts from chris @okanagan harvest

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