Winter at Okanagan Harvest

Thu, 12/19/2013

 What do fruit farmers do in the winter months anyway?

Days before Christmas and just a skiff of snow but ice on the pond in the meadow. Greg has been madly building cover for his dump truck and huge rolls of hay for his 14 cows and calves and then replacing windows in his spare time after splitting and delivering wood.  Compost consumes his interest....the results are amazing.  The place looks great and the wood heater finally has a chance. 

We lost our peach crop to a freak hail storm and we very grateful to have downsized to only 25 acres to care for this year.  Chris spent the fall cleaning up the packing house and gardens, drying herbs, making infusions and canning. The paperwork is significantly less with a much smaller crew and only cherries and peaches to account for and the house is almost clean again.  Greg's hunting trip up north was unsuccessful re elk but hunting trips at home were good and he's taking the time to ice fish, yummy.  Chris took the grandkids and Sara to Disneyland for five days! Much fun.

Lots of dinners with friends and all the family gathers here for Christmas dinner, fireworks, too much dessert and this year skating by the bonfire too.  Then the pruning starts and the cycle of preparing for the new season. And this year is NOT a replanting year! So an easy spring for a change. Lovely. 

May the New Year be full of happy surprises.

Chris and Greg @ Okanagan Harvest

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