Times do change!

Tue, 10/19/2010

 After so many years together, we knew the picking crew had to move on eventually and this is the big year of change it seems.  Nadine and Fred started the chain reaction buying land in Gaspesie and then Normand and Sophie bought land close by or maybe it was Sam and Chelsie's baby Mia but now Mike and Julie are moving to their island full time!  Our farm leases  have been reduced enough that we can manage with part-time help and they are so excited about their new life and home.

Mary and Jack have great plans for staying in Quebec and even Shyvano has a real house this year! So many changes.  

Greg is looking forward to going back to the old days of starting pruning in December and Chris is planning a winter of markets around BC .... we'll see how it goes!


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