Sorry, our crews are full!

Thu, 06/10/2010

So many emails and calls about cherry picking jobs and we so wish we could give everyone the opportunity to become cherry addicts!  However, our acreage is cut in half and the crop is light so we only need the dozen pickers who were here last year and have returned.  Camp will be quite a different place with only a dozen staying there this year.....

The lettuce is flourishing in this cool weather and I have harvested the first crop of peas ever! So much rain we can only hope it means the June monsoons have come and gone and we'll have beautiful clean fruit to harvest.  The weeds are certainly active.

Fortunately, the spinach  and beets and herbs are flourishing as well and the flowers are pleased with no heat stress but soon the melons will mould and the peppers really do prefer heat for flower making!  The heritage tomatoes will need staking soon.....

Almost finished all the thinning and the peaches are puffing up wonderfully.  They really like the compost and nitrogen- fixing peas and so far the aphids have restrained themselves. 

There's a new pest around called a  SWD vinegar fly that makes worms in all soft fruit so please be careful this summer and bag and bury your spoiled fruit including cherries, peaches, berries of all kinds, and grapes.

Faster everyone, faster!

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