March 17 and finally sunshine

Thu, 03/17/2011

 Finally the first springlike day since January! Nasty cold lately and haven't even started my greenhouses yet, although calling my porch a greenhouse is a bit of a stretch.  Multitudes of picker applications have been arriving but our 10 man crew is still full sorry.   Gotta tell you emailers it is hard to hire you over the internet, not one emailer has ever arrived. 

Pruning is about finished and now we worry about April frost damaging blossoms.  It will be so nice to dig a hole again! We do love dirt.

Farmers market applications are also coming like crazy and we have to decide again what to do to get the word out about our dried cherries.  They are so delicious! Sun-dried, no added sugar and no preservatives.  Just keep them cool and sealed and they last indefinitely... unless you put them on the counter and they just disappear.  Mail order anywhere in Canada, call me soon!

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