Make Your Maker

I spent this snowy day in March with a group of buyers and sellers of Okanagan products  and what an interesting mix of people that was!  An organization called FarmFolk/City Folk gathered us all together to share a day of networking.  There is an amazing selection of local food entrepreneurs out there so where is the local apple juice, the cheese from Armstrong, the crackers from Rawfoods?  Are local fresh products only for boutique food places?

Hopefully customer demand for local products will overcome the buyers reluctance to offer shelf space.   How can salsa be made with local products and still be available year round? The producer needs to sell out!   We have to go back to eating what is in season and stop demanding top quality everything available all the time.  

Made new contacts today with a cookie maker, granola seller, and a fruit stand. Our Dried cherries are great and it was a good day.

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