It's a new season

Wed, 03/28/2012

Excitement mounts as Greg finishes the pruning and prepares for the new plantings on the home lot. The nasty spring (?) weather can't hold him down and he's busy planning for the future with new plantings of early vans and remvoving unproductive staccatos.  

Sorry to all the workers wanting to join our crews.  All our 12 pickers are returning and only a handful of new packinghouse workers will be arriving to join our team. Guess we all have too much fun every July......

Chris and Sara have decided not to return to the Farmers Markets this year and that will considerably reduce our workload. Disappointing I know for Helene and Fred who won't be needed to weed the massive garden!  We still plan on growing flowers and basil but on a smaller scale and just for our peddlars.  Thanks to all our loyal customers and please contact us for weekend flower sales.

Now the worry is spring frost and upcoming weather changes. Who knows what the weather gods will throw at us?  May a great crop be forthcoming!

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