Finally Spring!

Fri, 03/04/2011

So you wanted to pick cherries, eh?  Since we downsized to 12 pickers, the only positions we have available have been filled with returning workers. Sorry.

But some advice to those wanting to give it a try on other farms..... don't come to valley until mid-June at the earliest. There is no part-time work really until the cherry harvest starts in Osoyoos at the end of June.  Bring good camping gear and warm clothes and sun screen and mosquito repellent and you really shouldn't drink the irrigation or river water.  Also suggest you bring money!

Pruning of the cherry trees is finally finished but multitudes of meetings are keeping Greg away from the peach trees.  Nasty cold weather and snow aren't helping.  But today is very spring like and may well turn everything into mud pies again and good grief we're tired of ice and snow. So glad we live in the south and can expect spring flowers soon.  Despite the new worry of spring  frost.....

Chris is gearing up for greenhouse work and finalizing crews for the packinghouse.  It will be quite different this year without Julie and Mike and the many changes in our marketing. Change is good and we always get great workers to share the load with! 



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