Cherry Fever 2010

Tue, 04/20/2010

Greg said this morning to stop worrying about pollination! What a relief.... frost season is about over probably maybe and the bloom is a vision to behold. Camp is surrounded by big old van trees exploding with popcorn blooms and abuzz with a gazzilon bees.  27 degrees today and sunshine. It's an amazing sight. 


So now we feed and thin and in just twp short months the harvest begins!  The regulars are filtering in from afar, Greg's prime compost has been diligently applied and tilled by Mike, the peach block is replanted, the seeds are in the ground, the dahlias are sprouting, Julie is blossom thinning the peaches. (what a job picking off flowers in the sunshine with your walkman), Chris is happy with the new gardens and her seedlings...




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