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Fresh crop will be ready by mid-July! Pre-orders are advised for July 2017.  And because we had a good year for fresh cherries, we have SOLD OUT of our dried cherries (no rain = no seconds for drying)

Our cherry harvest season starts with early varieties including the succulent yellow Rainier. Our orchard is planted to supply our existing international markets for as many weeks as possible.

The cherry varieties include Van, Rainier, Lapin, Kootenay Specials, Sweethearts and at the very end of July, Staccatos. Every variety has its special characteristics and you will find your personal favourite but all are picked at the peak of perfection using a refractometer (measures sugar content) and a pressure test. They are fed a multitude of nutrients including seaweed and sprayed a minimal amount for pests.

Our cherries are hand-picked starting at 5 am (we stop before the noon heat) and within one hour are in a controlled, cooling atmosphere. All cherries are packed on farm, sorted, hydro-cooled and sized by our team. Hydro-cooling means the cherries enjoy a 1 degree Celsius water bath before they are packaged and put in our -1 degree Celsius cooler.

Everything Okanagan Harvest does from growing, picking, packing, and shipping is aimed at preserving nature's gift and presenting to you, our customer, THE very best eating experience.

Okanagan Harvest also grows and sells pesticide-free peaches available by farm pickup only.  Tree-ripened pesticide-free peaches are a taste treat beyond belief.

We have branched into drying cherries with some very tasty results! Our sun-dried cherries have no additives, no added sugar, no preservatives and are delicious in porridge, muffins, trail mix, salad, Be aware of the occasional pit!

We do MAIL ORDER in BC and southern Alberta! contact Chris.

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